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Admission Counselling

Direct Admission in Leading Universities

When choosing a good college for higher education, it is important that all avenues are explored. Students and parents must be briefed about the various career and study opportunities available, how it fits in with the vision the student has in mind and what they plan for their future. They should also know about spot admission counselling round.


After choosing a good college, students and their parents are often lost in the maze of paperwork. Many a time, the college they seek will be outside their native state. Once the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, it is a matter of choosing the university, paying fees and joining in. Get direct admission under management cotta though us.

What we offer under admission counselling

  • Latest information on admission criteria, cut-off, college expectations and other details about the college.
  • Specialized knowledge of the courses and career options available, which will help the student and the parents make a good choice.
  • Expert counsellors who will help students and parents realistically meet expectations and ambitions.
  • Fees structure, exam preparation guidance and much more!

Education Diary is one of the top education consultants in India offering direct admission under management quota in SRM, VIT and other leading colleges. Contact Us for more details.