Admission Under Management Quota

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Our country India accounts for the second largest populated country in the entire world where a major part of the population comprises of the students aspiring for their careers in their dream colleges. Can you think of a rough estimate what would be the rate of competition in such a scenario? As most of the students aspire to get into a nice government college but the ratio of the number of seats to the number of students competing against those seats in case of any field is it engineering or medical or a post-degree or MBA, the gap is huge. There are only limited thousands of seats for which lacks of students are fighting.

Now try to think of a very simple yet important question that is only the students studying in the government colleges get successful in life? If that was the case, all the people working as CEOs and MDs in various big and reputed organizations must belong to IITs and all the top grade doctors, engineers, lecturers, lawyers, and judges must also belong to the AIMs and IIMs. However, if we look at the statistics, this is certainly not the case. There are some many highly successful people who have taken their degrees from non-governmental colleges and are performing outstandingly in their work.

It is important to note that there are many top-level colleges present apart from the government colleges like SRM Chennai, VIT Vellore, MIT Pune and PICT Pune who provide the best grade education for the students. Lacks of students who could not perform up to the mark to get admission in any government college have taken admission in these colleges and built their bright careers.

These colleges not only offer admission through entrance exams but also through their management quota. Around 25% of the seats in these colleges are reserved under the management quota where the students can get direct admission through their performance in their 12th board exams or through a certain donation amount. They also offer a scholarship to students with good performance which help them avail their education in lower fees.

These facilities make the life of the student’s tension free which aids in their all-round development as only studies are not sufficient for a glowing career. With studies, it is important to be graceful in all ways is it the speaking skills or personality development. These colleges provide with ample opportunities to grow and flourish in every aspect of life. They have various internal competitions organized in the field of sports, dance, debate, experiments and social activities which help a student to realize all the other things which are necessary to keep the mind fresh and active.

The records speak about the harsh truth were a lot many students undergo depression and anxiety due to unsatisfactory results. In such a hard scenario, these colleges providing admission through management quota gives a golden chance to the students to select their dream college and pursue their career and take it to the correct direction. As it is rightly said that it is not the college from where you study determines your career but the determination with which you accept the challenges and face them leads your way to the real victory in life.