Admission in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

It is said that the life you will live depends on from which college you take admission and you have acquired your higher education. If you think carefully, this statement holds a lot of truth. It is no doubt that one can build his career and shape it in the right direction with his hard work at any instance of his life but college does play a very important role in giving the initial push to your career.

Students when they are in school have not much of an idea about where to take admission even after deciding the stream. A lot of them do mistakes in the counselling procedure and end up being at the wrong place. It indeed important to take a look around and choose wisely about your college so that you can set at the right place. One of the finest colleges to pursue higher education is UPES in Dehradun.

This university provides the admission and the opportunity to choose freely their career streams in which they own their interest. The coursers within its boundary includes health and pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture, media, law, engineering, doctoral programs, business and management studies. There is a special importance for the new courses wining the IT world. Including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and blockchain.

Not just this, there are different programmes within the college which helps a student to groom himself in every way. There is a personal counseling given to the students so that they can work in the right direction and get rid of the negative thoughts which they encounter in this new journey,

There health and medical facilities available all time and even financial support provided to the students. Who are eligible for it on the basis of merit. There remedial coaching also provided to the students where they can speak freely about anything which bothers them. The main intention of this coaching is to make the students gain confidence and strength. To deal with all the challenges which comes in their way. Sports and cultural activities also form an important part of the college life. The placements here have a great graph and students get into their desired fields. This is one of the such colleges which you must give a look up while deciding for colleges.