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Engineering is one of the oldest study streams and, as a branch, it deals with the science and technology needed to make some idea work. Engineering is an extremely wide term and there are many specializations. Each of the specializations carries further super- specializations. However, at an undergraduate level, it is first the big picture that we concentrate on. A student can get direct admission in Engineering college under management quota with the help of education diary.

Engineering helps to create and harness new technologies, makes it easier and simpler to do things and delivers comfort and safety to everyday living. There are over 300 engineering colleges all over India. How is it possible to choose the best college to satisfy your dreams and aspirations? What about the future career plans?

Capabilities of Education Diary

Education Diary offers end-to-end solutions, right from course selection to career guidance. Thus we are a provider of concrete and holistic solutions.


Education Diary also offers individuals a chance to study in the top engineering colleges in India in 2019. Be it admission through management quota in Engineering, Medicine, Management, Arts & Science in any top private/Self to be Deemed Universities (Under Graduate / Post Graduate programmes). Trust us, we are here to assist for easy and hassle-free placement!


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