How to Get Admission in Amity University Noida

Get Admission in Amity University Noida

In life, whenever, you have a discussion of all the important aspects, you can never complete the list, without referring to education. Education is the foundation of any individual’s personality. The way one speaks, eats, interacts with people, stand out in a crowd and, express himself represents a part of his education only.

You may not well versed, able to differentiate, between a wealthy and, poor persona. But you will surely be able to find out, a literate and, educated person from an uneducated one.

This is why today parents are very responsible, regarding their children’s education and, make sure that, they get into the best schools and, colleges. So that when, they come out of that place, they can walk like great professionals.

Most of the students, try their level best, to get into some great government colleges. But it is indeed not in the fate of every student. This does not mean that, the rest of the students are not worthy enough. Of getting the right set of education. Or incapable of achieving great heights in their life.

Any student has the spark to bring out, a change and, do a miracle with his outstanding hard work and, capabilities. All that is required is a push and, support of a great university. And the right kind of a learning environment, which can add feathers to their thought process. And make them even more capable of what they are.

One of such universities in Noida, which provides the students, just the correct form of space and, atmosphere to flourish is the Amity University.

The best part of this college is that, it does not differentiate between the students. Who apply for it and, provide them with equal opportunities to achieve success in life.

They ensure this, by providing Direct Admission In Amity University Noida, to the students with a basic criteria.

Direct Admission

This criteria includes that the students, must hold a passing certificate of standard, 12th ,with aggregate of at least 60% percent of marks, including the subjects; as Physics, Chemistry, Maths and, English.

After that, they just need to appear for CBSE JEE exam and, get a rank which, just needs to be a positive number and, that’s all.

You can understand that this criteria is very basic and, mostly all the students, who are very average in obtaining good marks are also eligible and, avail this. After this, you need to visit the Amity university website. And get a selective date for your formal test ,followed by an interview.

The test comprises of very Basic English grammar questions. In which, if you are able to score a 90 or, above marks. There is no need to appear for the interview. And you will get the Direct Admission In Amity University Noida, in whichever branch and, subject you are eligible for.

The inside atmosphere of the university is very good and, every student. Whosoever comes here does not leave the campus holding his degree, with a great personality and, a good job. What else required for a great beginning, when everything just so perfectly served? This is a pure instance, which promotes education. And equal opportunity for everyone, helping every student to grow, flourish and, touch the sky.