Indian Education System VS Foreign Education system

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Indian Education System VS Foreign Education system

Education is like the wind which fills the mind with knowledge and heart with the light of the creative approach. It is the foundation of every individual and determines his perception regarding how he views things in his life. An educated person owns the capability of thinking out of the box, realizing things better and interpret various sections of a subject from different angles and directions.

The main aim of getting an education is not just to become eligible to work but to gain a basic as well as a deep understanding of how to deal with

real life scenarios and become a better human being who can think and act rationally.

The education system plays a great role in determining the number of factors about career budding and growth of a person from a student to a matured individual. If you consider our Indian education system and compare it with the foreign education system, you will be able to understand that

there are significant and noticeable differences that are there in between the two education systems. If you are asked a question that which one is better, what you are supposed to say on your behalf? The fact is there is nothing complete black and white scenario which means there are both pros and cons in any of these education systems and there are reformations required.

The Indian education system works with the notion of providing theoretical knowledge to the students. They have a thorough understanding of how something works out and implemented but they lack the visibility towards it. Whereas in the case of foreign education, students are provided with more of a practical based

knowledge where they can actually see and feel the working of anything. This makes their understanding even better and clearer.

In the Indian education system, there is a huge deal of competition in every field be it engineering or medical science or commerce. This helps the students to learn to handle a lot of pressure and

difficult situations which is why students from our country are capable to flourish all the way around the world.

Viewing the education system from a different side, the Indian education system does not allow to change their subjects in the middle of their courses. However, this is not a barrier in the case of the foreign education system. Sometimes students after pertaining to a subject for some time understand that they don’t fit to be in that place

but they have to continue on the same path as they don’t have the flexibility to change in between. This may sound like a strict rule of discipline but

it does put restrictions on their desires and limit their achievements.

Another major difference has seen in the field of research. There are a lot of graduates who are interested in research and development. But in spite of the continuous efforts from the government,

the research initiatives in our country is very less as compared to the foreign countries. Even the changes in the curriculum take a long time for actual implementation in our country. Because of these few drawbacks, Indian universities are not able to attract many foreign countries to choose courses from here. However many Indian students are pursuing education from abroad.