Ten Common Problems Students Face In College

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Ten Common Problems Students Face In College

College life is an integral part of a student’s entire educational career. Students go through various transitions during these years and it is the work done in these years which is completely responsible for building their career and the deciding factor how their future life is going to be. College life is known for its own fun-filled atmosphere where students learn a lot of things. They face different challenges which they have never seen before. It makes them stronger and teaches them many lessons. Here is a discussion of ten common problems which students face in their college.


As most of the students go out of their homes leaving their family for the first time ever in their life, they start to suffer from homesickness after a few days of the hostel. They find it very difficult to adjust to the new atmosphere and new people coming from various regions. Also, they face difficulties staying within the restrictions and rules of the hostel.

Time management:

Managing time is the most difficult tasks for all college students. They have classes for the entire day with lots of assignments every day. They mostly do involve in some extra activities like sports or dance club where they need to invest time. Above all, they have to manage all of their daily courses alone for which they are not in the habit.


The studies in college is not an easy cup of tea to grasp immediately. The students have a number of new subjects which they need to read and understand. This is one of the major reasons for building pressure on the students.

Health issues:

Most of the students start to suffer from a number of health hazards after joining college primarily because they become very independent with no one to take care of them. They develop bad food habits and even the hostel food is not very proper leading to different health problems.


One of the most common problems from which many students go through is getting involved in relationships. As it is their teenager and no one elder around them to guide them and take a charge, they very easily get involved in relations. Mostly they are not mature to handle such things and later on create emotional breakdowns for them.

Semester exams:

Colleges are always famous for their semester exams. Students are not in habit of giving so many exams with little or no gaps in between. Many of them suffer from sleeplessness while others take a lot of tension. They have to prepare a lot for these exams and if results are not in their favor, they get more depressed.


Another very common problem in college is that students go into depression for many reasons. One is because of the academic and exams pressure while another is because of their mishandled or broken relationships.

Deciding career:

Students sound very much confused about what they want to do after their college is over. Some of them wish to go for higher studies while some of them wish to do some jobs. But mostly they get influenced with what their friends are doing and do not go with their own passion which creates further problems for them.

Making connections:

Some students are very shy and introvert. They take a lot of time developing connections with others. This becomes a very big problem for such students and they feel completely lost in the crowd of new people. This attitude hinders their development in every scene.


Partying is a very common practice in colleges but it becomes tough when they involve alcoholic drinks while celebrating. Many of them become the victim of all these ill habits and destroy their health as well as their careers.